The Essential Collection: For Desktop and Mobile

The Essential Collection: For Desktop and Mobile


Our first pack of 10 presets; Tailor-made and hand-selected.

The collection includes everything you need to use in Lightroom, Lightroom Mobile, and Photoshop Camera Raw.

The Details:

  1. Beach Drone - Specifically made for aerials, but also gives any photo a tropical feel.

  2. Desert - Warm and vibrant, for cyan skies and tanned skin.

  3. Film Feels - A grainy, analog, vintage look.

  4. Glow - Brighten up your backlit images and make them glow.

  5. Roman Holiday - Bright and punchy, with warm greens and strong contrast, made for a summer abroad.

  6. South Pacific - An island feel right from Fiji.

  7. Sunset Dream - Create glowing, vibrant sunsets - or give any image a dreamy feel.

  8. Tropical Water - My most used preset! A perfect mix of aqua water and tropical tans.

  9. Underwater - Made specifically to add contrast and dimension to underwater images, great for a GoPro!

  10. Washed Sun - A bold look, made for bright images with glowing sunshine.

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