The Complete Collection: For Desktop and Mobile

The Complete Collection: For Desktop and Mobile


The Complete Collection includes both our Essential Collection and Endless Summer Collections - for a powerful toolbox of 21 unique presets.

Both collections includes everything you need for use in Lightroom, Lightroom Mobile, and Photoshop Camera Raw, including detailed installation instructions and editing tips.

Includes all of the following:

The Essential Collection

  1. Beach Drone - Specifically made for aerials, but also gives any photo a tropical feel.

  2. Desert - Warm and vibrant, for cyan skies and tanned skin.

  3. Film Feels - A grainy, analog, vintage look.

  4. Glow - Brighten up your backlit images and make them glow.

  5. Roman Holiday - Bright and punchy, with warm greens and strong contrast, made for a summer abroad.

  6. South Pacific - An island feel right from Fiji.

  7. Sunset Dream - Create glowing, vibrant sunsets - or give any image a dreamy feel.

  8. Tropical Water - My most used preset! A perfect mix of aqua water and tropical tans.

  9. Underwater - Made specifically to add contrast and dimension to underwater images, great for a GoPro!

  10. Washed Sun - A bold look, made for bright images with glowing sunshine.

The Endless Summer Collection

  1. Barbados Beach - Bright and colorful, with pink undertones and balanced shadows.

  2. Caribbean Bliss - A fully saturated punch of tropical colors and contrast - with bright whites and lots of detail.

  3. Cook Islands Sunrise - For soft, warm sunrise hues and balanced exposures.

  4. El Cosmico - A warm-toned film look inspired by Marfa, Texas.

  5. French Countryside - Creamy, soft tones that still pop, great for heavy contrasted images.

  6. Hong Kong Grit - Grainy, cool tones made for city streets - pull the color temperature down on this one for great night shots!

  7. London Cafe - Warm and cozy, made especially for backlit photos.

  8. Sunshine City - Even tones for images in full-sun or glowing lights.

  9. Tulum Sun - For bright greens and tan skin that take you right to Mexico.

  10. Vintage San Francisco - High Contrast and full of grain for a vintage, film look that still pops.

  11. White Sand - Made especially for tropical beach days - and for giving any darker image a punch.

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