The Paradise Mini Pack: For Desktop and Mobile

The Paradise Mini Pack: For Desktop and Mobile


Inspired by the jungles, canyons, and waters of Kauai, the Paradise Mini Pack is a curated selected of 5 all-new presets that have come to be some of our most-used settings.

The Details:

  1. Golden - Made to give every image a warm, golden, higher contrasted look.

  2. Jungle Road - Made for lush greens, but works on a vast variety of images, for a olive-toned, almost film look with lots of green color punch.

  3. Palms - A bright, washed setting for both deserts and beaches with a strong pink and red color pop.

  4. This is Paradise - Our best tropical water setting yet! I have been working on getting this exactly right for years now, and this one is my new favorite for making waters look crystal-clear.

  5. Waimea - Golden, contrasted and punchy, this setting is great for a toasted, tanned, summer look.

Note: Presets work best when downloaded and unzipped on a computer, even for use on Mobile. In your unzipped download folder is a User Guide PDF with detailed installation instructions.

As purchased are digital downloads, all sales are final.

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